2013 Rachel Carson Trail Challenge {Pittsburgh Sports & Event Photographers}

We had a BLAST photographing the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a GRUELING 35-mile trail challenge traversing the hills of the Pittsburgh area.  The run/hike must be completed by sunset.  Start sunrise, finish by sunset.  What a feat!!!!!

Thanks to all the hikers and trail runners we encountered on Saturday – you all are superstars!!!!  Congrats on even attempting such a challenge.  Kudos, props to you, hooray!!! 🙂

I am always impressed with those I meet during the challenge.  As a hiker myself, I think the hiking community is one of the most friendliest I’ve come across.  I can’t tell you how many hikers THANKED us for being out there taking pictures.  I was trying to give them encouragement or make a joke or two to lighten the mood as they made their way up those hills but to hear them thank me was humbling.  Much love to you all!!!!

I covered Rich Hill, Tony covered Log Cabin Hill and then I stopped at Bailey’s Run to grab some photos.  Here are links to the albums on our online storage site.

I have loaded some pictures to our Facebook page (link below) – feel free to tag yourself in any pictures loaded.  I obviously can’t load 1,400 pictures to Facebook but I’ve selected a few that I enjoy.  If there is a picture in our online site that you’d like to see on Facebook, please message us and I’d be happy to put it on for you.

Pics By Chicks Facebook Page

Rich Hill Pictures

Log Cabin Hill Pictures

Agan Park Pictures (just a few – I’d rather cover the hills.  I wanna see you sweat and listen to you grunt and groan!) 🙂

Bailey’s Run Pictures

Until next year…..see you on the trails!!!!!!!

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