Boudoir Ambassador Program

For the past year, I’ve been thinking about how to continue to grow my business and reach as many women as possible.  As I said during a shoot with a recent client who is super self conscious about her body, I want to change the world ONE WOMAN AT A TIME!

The time I spend with women planning, photographing and after their boudoir shoot is something that is very important to me.  I want to change the way women see themselves, to help them appreciate all they have, gain a new level of confidence and understand that how they look doesn’t define who they are.  We are all perfectly imperfect!

I wanted to find a way to reach more women and reward past clients at the same time!

That’s where BOUDOIR AMBASSADORS came to mind!


What’s involved?

-You will become an administrator of my Facebook group.  You’ll receive notifications to approve posts and members.  It is expected of you to interact with posts that others make in the group.  I use my group as a place to encourage and uplift women!

-You will need to make at least 1 post in the group per month.  Your first post should be a introduction of you as an ambassador and a testimonial of your session with me and I’d appreciate it if you’d include one of your favorite photos from your session (though not required).  After that initial post, motivational quotes, lingerie finds, thoughts on body positivity, etc are the best things to post.

-We will have one or two group meetings in the year for you to meet the other ladies and talk about all the things happening for me and my business.  Plus, it’s a great time for me to uplift you and show you how much I appreciate you (gift baskets with nice treats, lunch, etc – I make it an event)!

-I will need your assistance with any events planned – open houses, specifically.

Most importantly, you will need to spread the word about Pics By Chicks (ahem, ME!) and the awesomeness that is boudoir photography!  I need you to help me reach as many women as possible!!  Talk, talk talk and send your friends to me for a wonderful experience!  (Note* I’m thinking about creating ambassador cards for you so you can hand them out to people!)

What’s the benefit?

It’s all about referrals.  The more referrals, the more you get!

-After 5 referrals to me in your ambassador year, your next session fee is waived!  Yup, a free session comes your way!  That’s a $450 savings! (*Note – if you already have a session scheduled for your ambassador year, you’ll be given a refund of your session fee when you reach 5 referrals)

-After 10 referrals, your package purchase from your boudoir session is free!  Yup, a free magazine, matted prints or album is yours to choose from.  That’s a $400-600 savings!

-If you get more than 10 referrals, I’ll be singing your praises for the rest of my life! haha!  But, after 10 referrals, you’ll receive a gift from me that’s super secret but super awesome!

**Important:  This ambassador program is much different from my regular referral program and it benefits you in bigger ways!

When your friends contact me to book a shoot, please tell them to make sure they mention your name so that I can give you credit for the referral.  A valid referral is a client who books, has and orders a collection from a boudoir session with Maura.


If you are ready to be an ambassador, well THANKS!  I’d LOVE to have you!  Just email me and let me know that you’ve read what’s required and you’re ready to go!  🙂  Thanks for all your willing to do to encourage, uplift and INSPIRE women!