Boudoir Tips – How to Make You Comfortable During Your Boudoir Session

Today’s boudoir photo shoot planning tip is about getting you to relax!  Everyone is nervous prior to their boudoir session.  I hear it all the time – “I’m nervous but so excited.”  Well, that feeling is perfectly normal, but in my experience, I’ve seen those nerves disappear pretty quickly.  Here are some ways I try to make people comfortable during their shoot and ease those nerves!

Boudoir Photo Shoot Planning - Tips on how photographers can make clients feel comfortable during their boudoir photo shoot - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer - Pics By Chicks Photography,

Hair & Makeup

It all begins with your first step of sitting in the hair and makeup chair!  I don’t know about you, but I love having someone do my hair and makeup – it’s so relaxing!  This is just the first step in easing those nerves.

I will sit there with you when hair & makeup begins so that we can chat even more in order to get to know each other better.  I love getting to know my clients and openly welcome them into my life.


Yum!  Doesn’t alcohol sometimes help?  Sure.  As you sit down, champagne is offered for you to enjoy while you are getting glamourous.  Of course, I limit the number of drinks because we don’t want red skin and droopy eyes from too much alcohol! 🙂


Well, my playlist is killer!  Ask any of my clients!  We get a real good laugh at the music on my playlist, and your favorites are incorporated into the list!  Yup, in your questionnaire for your session, you will list your favorite type of music, song and artists so that I can put songs you love in the queue.  I’ve been known to have dance breaks when certain songs come on! 🙂 FUN!


I love to laugh.  I love to make others laugh.  And, during our sessions there is no shortage of laughs.  I crack jokes, I make fun of myself and I lighten the mood.  I know how uncomfortable it can be wearing next to nothing getting your photos taken, so it’s my goal to make you laugh!


Oh yes, I will demonstrate some of the poses for your enjoyment (see above – laughs).  I promise you that I may look ridiculous doing it (with my over the top “sexy” face)  but you will be absolutely stunning!  Sometimes as a photographer I’m more visual and I see a pose in my head – it’s easier to show you than verbalize the explanation!  Here’s a plus for you – if it doesn’t work, you’ll never see it!  You only see photos in which you look absolutely amazing!

Show it

Finally, you’ll see a few photos after I take them so you can see how amazing the photos look!  I love to see that reaction from ladies when they see a few photos.  That’s the final phase of relaxing for your shoot!

My Winning Personality

Well, I saw that with a little bit of self deprecation – haha – but I do think that my personality immediately gets people to relax, and I’ve been told that by countless clients!  I LOVE sharing this experience with my clients so knowing that just being my fun-loving self gets them to feel comfortable!

What else would make you comfortable during your photo shoot?  Leave your comments below.

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