Boudoir Tips – What Not to Do for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Something very important to discuss in planning your boudoir photo shoot is what NOT to do.  Yes, there are things you shouldn’t here and I’m here to highlight just a few of those for you.  I have separate blog posts about Pinterest and spray tans but these are general items you should consider avoiding.

What Not to Do for your boudoir photo shoot - Boudoir Photo Shoot Planning Tips & Tricks - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Pics By Chicks Photography

Don’t show up with chipped nail polish

Nope, this can’t be edited out of the photos.  If you want painted nails, make sure the coat is fresh and looks great.  Your hands and nails will be in the photos so it’s important to take care of them prior to your photo shoot.

Don’t wear tight clothes to your session

You want to wear loose clothing the day of your session.  Tight clothes can leave marks on your body – think sock lines!  Some photographers can attempt to take out these lines others won’t.  I am from the mindset that I try to do everything possible prior to the photo shoot so that the editing like this is limited.  Also, wear a shirt that is button down or zip up – don’t want to ruin the hair and makeup by pulling something over your head.

Don’t show up without having tried your lingerie on

This sounds obvious, right?  But, it happens.  Do not assume that the outfits you purchase will fit.  Make sure you try them on before your session – they should fit appropriately and allow for some movement.  There’s nothing worse than arriving for your session to find that your lingerie does not fit properly.

No spray tan or bronzing lotion

I created a whole blog post on this but no spray tans.  Spray tans and bronzing lotion can have an orange tint.  This cannot be taken out of the photos.

Anything else you wouldn’t do for your boudoir photo shoot?  Leave your comments below.

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