Another Live Shoot

Every few months, I do a live shoot in my VIP group on Facebook (join via the link below!).  Once a year, I’ll ask for submissions for ladies who’d like to participate in a live shoot, and I choose someone from those submissions.  I typically receive 40-50 applicants for a live shoot.  How do I choose?  First, I look for someone who has taken the time to answer all my questions and put some thought into what I’m asking.  Then, I look at the WHY of their submission for a boudoir session.  The why tells me a lot about the woman.

This beauty has been through a lot in the last few years.  She’s battled cancer, takes care of her kids, and she told me that she misses herself.  Here’s a quote from her application, “I want to do this for a myriad of reasons but most of all because I miss me. I miss the me I was before I was single . I miss the me I was before cancer. I miss the girl who didn’t walk with a limp and strutted her stuff. I miss the me that liked myself. I’m 42 and too young to hate myself every day forever. I’m hoping to remember the sexy woman I used to be 3 teenage children ago.”

I’d say we succeeded big time!  She walked away confident.  Saw herself in a new way.  Reconnected with the woman she “used to be.” Felt alive, powerful, and could conquer the world!

You may be wanting to do a boudoir session for someone else, but ultimately it’s for you.  It’s a moment to see yourself the way I see you, to see how others see you.  It’s the time to inspire yourself.

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