Boudoir For Single Ladies?

A boudoir session is FOR YOU!  While most of the time my clients come to me for what starts as a gift for someone else, I adore those women who want to celebrate themselves!

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In my early 20s, I spent too much energy trying to be something I wasn’t.  I felt like I was unworthy of love and I constantly tried to change myself into something or someone I thought people could love.  When I’d meet someone new, if they liked coffee, I suddenly liked coffee (though I’m a tea and caramel frap girl).  If they liked skiing, I’d *try* to ski (I hate skiing and have NEVER been successful at it).  If they liked brussel sprouts,  I did too (ugh – worst food ever).  If they weren’t creeped out by the word “moist,” neither was I (gosh, that’s the worst word in the English language).

You see.  I didn’t think that who I was was enough for someone.  That I was always trying to find someone or something to make me happy – never realizing that I could be happy just being me.  Think of all those wasted years and tears I could have saved had I just learned this from the beginning.  When you’re content with who you are, you won’t allow yourself to get into situations where you find yourself with people who don’t value you.

This is why I love when single ladies decide to do a boudoir shoot.  I want to help them see their worth, boost their confidence, and show them that they don’t need anyone else to be amazing.  Don’t waste time on people that don’t matter.  Value yourself!

At the end of the day….

I’m Maura.

I’m raw, I’m real, and I’m unapologetically myself.

I like lighthouses, I like the ocean but hate sand, I love waterfalls, I like to hike, I love laughing, I love the smell of campfires.  I love bringing joy to the lives of women, I don’t care what pants size I am, I don’t want to hide myself from those around me.  We all deserve to be ourselves.  Learning to love ourselves is a brave thing to do but we are each so unique and so wonderful.  You don’t have to apologize for being you!!!  Just be you!  The world will accept you when they see you embracing your unique self!

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