I thought I’d take this moment to highlight some of the feedback that’s been posted in my private boudoir group on Facebook that you don’t get to see unless you are a member.  These ladies have all shared parts of their sessions with my community and I wanted to share their words on the blog.

boudoir photography pittsburgh

From KM:

Well, a few months back I had the honor of spending a few hours submerged in Maura’s MAGIC. After much prompting from my friend, I had originally booked my shoot at the open house, as a Christmas gift for my husband. We were having some issues but I thought it would be a great gift for both of us. In the time between Maura’s open house and my day, I learned that the last 7 years of my life, as I knew it had been based on lies. My husband was arrested by the U.S. Marshal’s. I had retained an attorney and set to work on cleaning up and reclaiming MY LIFE. For 3 hours Maura transported me to a place where none of that shit mattered and everything was about ME. It was a much needed escape with lasting effects on my self esteem and self confidence. Words cannot express my level of gratitude, Maura helped me reclaim MYSELF.

boudoir photography pittsburghFrom TW:

Finally had my viewing today! What an amazing experience. Maura has such unbelievable passion for her work, and you get to enjoy the benefits! She is an amazing artist, but there is so much more to a boudoir session than the pictures.. it is honestly life changing. Ladies, MAURA MAGIC IS REAL. She’s like a real life unicorn. This is not my first shoot, and certainly won’t be my last!!

boudoir photography pittsburgh

black & white boudoir photo shoot from pittsburgh boudoir studio

From KE:

I am in such awe from reviewing my photos, Maura is such a genius!! I recommend this to everyone if you are even a little curious you should definitely do it. There’s nothing like feeling so amazing and comfortable in your own skin. Maura emulates positivity and you will not be able to stop smiling. Thank you Maura for this experience and for those who have supported me to step outside of my comfort zone.

pittsburgh boudoir photos in studio

From AF:

Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you spend an afternoon with Maura. Some how this feeling needs to be bottled up so you can sip on it whenever you need reminded how amazing you are.

This time last year I decided that 2018 was going to be the year of Ashley. I was going to be a better role model for my daughter. I was going to choose to be active and watch what I ate. I was going to make all the doctors appointments that I should have years ago and I was going to focus on me.

Then someone added me to this group, I don’t know who did but THANK YOU! After talking to two people that had shined in Maura’s spot light, I decided to book a shoot. In January I booked for October. I thought that would give me time to find the courage, lose some weight, and build a wardrobe. I decided that this shoot, the hair, the makeup, and the experience is something that I needed. I had put myself on the back burner for too long and this shoot was going to be my prize for putting me first for once. In December my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and the product of the shoot (most likely the magazine) will be his present. To my knowledge he has no idea. I stopped all Maura talk when I booked. I cannot wait to see his face.

Anyone that knows me knows how quiet, shy and introverted I can be. I stand in the back of the room and do not like to be the center of attention very often. This shoot was something that I never saw myself doing, totally out of my comfort zone. If you have any hint of maybe I can do that, book a shoot! Maura poses you from head to toe for your body type. I watched her photos for the past year and was so comfortable with her I never felt nervous, which is strange for me. If you have seen her live shoots or any other videos, that is totally her! She is loud and funny, she makes you feel at home with yourself, and has no filter (well maybe a little one).

This is fastly becoming a rite of passage around our friends and people that I went to high school with. I am so proud and thankfull to be able to say that I had a “Maura shoot” or that “I’m one of Maura’s girls”.

pittsburgh boudoir photos in studio

pittsburgh boudoir photos in studio

From MW:

Thank you Maura for making me feel beautiful for the first time in a really long time. Being a mom changed me so much. For three years now since I had my first baby it was always the kids first and no time for the “me time”. Day with you, Maura was something I will never forget. Thank you for everything, for kind emails, our conversations during my session, for before and after visits and of course for session itself – your hard work – posing me, taking the photographs and editing them. You are very talented and I just love you.

pittsburgh boudoir photos in studio

From LJ:

I watched from the Facebook sidelines.
I poured over the pictures posted and marveled at how beautiful the pictures were, how I loved Maura’s technique, how I wished I could find the courage to put myself out there.
And then I realized I was in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage. We were both unhappy and it wasn’t going to get better for us if we stayed together. It was a hard realization and tough to admit that we were better as friends. We had the most amicable divorce most people have ever heard of.
During that time of hard self-talks and self-honesty, I discovered just how badly I wanted (needed) to do something for me. Not retail therapy, not a girl’s spa day (those are both awesome!), but something more substantial.
I messaged Maura for a few weeks, getting to know her and about her passion. I deliberately moved from TX back to PA on a specific weekend so that I’d be able to attend her yearly open house. She knew who I was the minute she saw me-I don’t think I even had my nametag on yet. I got one of the legendary Maura hugs in a crowded room of women. I booked my shoot that day.
I picked my 38th birthday. Not a milestone to most people, but it was important to me. I needed to spend that day being happy, with women who would pamper and encourage me. I needed to spend it doing something for myself that I would always remember, and I’d have tangible memories of it forever. Not a pair of jeans I’d forget in the closet or a purse that would go out of style.
It was 5 months in advance. I had a long time to wait, to ponder, to worry and get excited, and to be curious. I actually never considered backing out, rescheduling or cancelling. Nope. No matter what, I was gonna do it. I didn’t go on a diet; in fact, I actually gained weight (unintentionally, but eh, it happens). I did pamper myself for a few days leading up to the session-I got a mani and pedi, I got a freshened up haircut and color. It felt good.
On the day of the shoot, I knew I’d see the Welcome wreath. I drove to Maura’s with my wet hair in a towel turban. I didn’t want it to get too frizzy for the stylist. Maura opened the door with a smile and it faded a moment and she says “What the Hell is on your head?!” and we both busted out laughing and that was it, I was in the house, getting hugs and having laughs. So many laughs my face hurt.
I love the way my pics came out. I am continuing to learn to embrace my curves, my “woman’s body”. I’m already scheduled for another session in 2019. In fact, I booked that one before I even completed my first one (yes, I was *that* confident in this woman).
Spending the day with her (and Shannon and Leah) was the best present I’ve ever given myself, birthday or otherwise.
I love this woman. I love the women in her group. I’ve made friends; real women friends who are busy with life, kids, mates, sicknesses, whatever else we all deal with and struggle through every day…but I know that if I needed one of these women in a moment of weakness, they’d be there for me.
Maura gave me that. Because of who she is, because of the women she surrounds herself with, because of boudoir.
I met Karon at the open house. She was a fun and funny lady. She didn’t always get it why we had to be with so few clothes on for the pictures. I think she was warming up to the idea, and I know she was proud of Maura and the tribe of women she has around her.
Karon, I want you to know: because of boudoir, I reconnected with a “girl I knew of in high school”, who has become my friend, and who has opened my eyes to being a better woman, a better friend, a more confident person, and who has given me the opportunity to meet women who I connect with and who accept me in a way I’ve never been embraced; who see me deeper and clearer than I usually see myself. Because of boudoir, I have grown and I have so much more than I’ve had in a long, long time. Be proud, Karon. Because I am.
Maura is the best, and she’ll make you see the best of yourself. You owe it to yourself to see your true self. You’ll be a better woman for it.

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