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In this boudoir tips blog post, I’m going to talk about the power of editing.  Doing Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, I MUST be well versed in my editing abilities in order to provide the best results for my client.  Editing can fix things that posing and lighting cannot, and you’ll see in this blog post why I’ve spent a lot of time and money honing my editing skills.  For details on my boudoir package (including pricing), please click here.  If you wanted to see other boudoir photo shoot planning tips, please click here.  Every two weeks I post a boudoir photo shoot tip that can help you in planning your dream session!  Finally, to see a collection of my boudoir photos, please click here.


The Power of Editing - Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh Pics By Chicks Photography discussed the editing process and some before and after photos

Ah, editing.  Something that can make or break a photo.  Editing is unique to each photographer and every style is different.  Some photographers even outsource their editing.  I LOVE to edit photos.  And, well, I love everything about being a boudoir photographer – from photographing the session to editing the photos to delivering the final product to you.  I love to be able to watch the magic that happens right in front of my eyes and that includes my editing.  All boudoir photos are retouched.

But, here’s the thing.  Every client is different.  Some want things removed, others want them to remain.  This is why it’s crucial to discuss with your photographer what you are looking for in the editing of photos.  This is something I certainly talk at length with with my clients before and even during the photo shoot.  I want you to love your photos so I’m going to respect whatever you request with editing.  This includes blemishes, birth marks, moles, etc.  The examples I show below are extreme cases and the photos were taken specifically so I could show examples of editing powers.

Here’s the truth:

1) Every boudoir photo is retouched.  By hand.  That’s right.  I spend time on each and every photo that you see, there is no batch editing done because I treat ever photo as it’s own.

2) The goal is to get it right in the camera using the correct posing and light.  This is why isn’t very important to find a photographer who has invested in their education and has experience working with all body types.  Posing is a great solver to any problem areas *you think* exist, and great posing means less editing fixes.

3) At the end of the day, everyone needs a little Photoshop help.  🙂  While Photoshop is not a substitute to awesome lighting and posing, it gives the extra boost sometimes needed to photos.  I’m NOT talking about making you into something you are not but sometimes Photoshop can help fix some things (see examples below).

I love being able to create some magic in the editing but remember it’s up to you on what is done and your photographer should respect that!

Here are some examples of editing from this pittsburgh boudoir photographer. 😉

First up – this beautiful woman wanted some photos to highlight her body but was very concerned about her stomach.  I took one look at it and knew I could work some magic so that she would be happy and she was over the moon with the results!

the power of editing boudoir photos

Another lovely woman here who had just had a tummy tuck after significant weight loss.  She wanted to show off the flat stomach she now had but was concerned about some of the stretch marks as well as a few skin folds that remained.  She asked if these could be fixed and I knew I would be able to edit them for her.  She was so pleased with the results!056

(Note – All images shared with permission from my clients)

Sometimes editing can fix things that posing cannot.  And, I love that I know a bunch of Photoshop tips and tricks to achieve results for my clients.  Of course, there are some limits to what can be done (i.e. those pesky tan lines) but you should discuss with your photographer what you may be concerned with.  What I don’t want you to do is let these little body concerns hold you back from doing a boudoir shoot!  Take the leap – it’s a great experience!

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