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You are the owner of your own story.  YOU have the power to say enough is enough.  YOU can stand up and say, I LOVE MYSELF!  Shout it from the rooftops.  Tell the world.  YOU CAN!

In our world, we are labeled as conceited, narccistic and selfish if we decide to stand up and praise ourselves.  I personally think that more praise is needed!  We stifle ourselves constantly by not recognizing the amazing and wonderful things about us.  We think it’s better to remain silent, and this is what I’m fighting against daily.  I will not let the women in my life reject the praise I give them.  They will acknowledge and accept it, they will thank me for it, and they will start to point out all the great things about themselves.  It’s time we take this back.  Stop apologizing for being good to yourself, for making yourself a priority, for recognizing the amazing woman you are!  It’s time to SHOUT IT OUT!  This is one of the reasons The Self Love Club is so important to me!

Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh

Ok, off my soapbox for now.  I included the above photo because I now make every client stand in front of it at the end of their session.  This perfectly describes how I view them.  They beauty of your soul is a wonderful sight!

I leave the rest of this post in the words of my client as she shares about her experience!


1) Why did you decide to invest in a boudoir photo shoot?  As a wedding gift for my fiancée

boudoir studio session in pittsburgh PA in black lingerie

boudoir studio session in pittsburgh PA in black lingerie

2) How did you feel about yourself before your photo shoot?  Pretty good

3) How did you feel about yourself after your photo shoot?  Looking at those photos, fabulous!

boudoir photography in pittsburgh PA in purple lingerie

4) Describe your session in 3 words?  Empowering Fun Sexy

5) What was your favorite part of the boudoir photo shoot?  Towards the end not even caring what I was (or wasn’t) wearing

6) What would you say to other women who are considering a boudoir photo shoot?  Do it!!!!!

Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh

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