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Back to blogging my boudoir tips this week!  It’s the first post of 2016!  Have some cool posts in mind this year but they may be less frequent than last since I published quite a bit!

Today, I’m talking about what to wear if you’re considering maternity boudoir!  Before I get into the details, check out these links to learn about my boudoir experience:

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Maternity Boudoir What to Wear - Tips on selecting outfits for your Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Maternity boudoir is super awesome! haha.  I have so much fun with the soon to be mothers that step in front of my camera.   Timing is everything with a maternity boudoir – you want to make sure you schedule your shoot at about the 7 month mark.  It’s right before you feel totally uncomfortable, yet the belly has “popped” enough for it to make an appearance in the photos.

It’s aways a tricky thing in deciding what to wear when your body is so different from normal.  Here are a few ideas I have for you:

First up, a lace top.  The top should be tight and really conform to your body – this helps in showing off your curves and belly!

Second, well, how about just some sheer fabric or even a piece of lace!  This perfectly highlights the belly and can be pulled tightly to accentuate what you have!

Third, a sweater or robe.  Oh, how I love these pieces in boudoir photo shoots.  Sometime so simple turns into something super amazing and sexy during the photo shoot!

My favorite shot for maternity boudoir >> think, Demi Moore cover of Vanity Fair circa 1991.  Google it if you don’t remember it.  I love creating this exact kind of moment during maternity boudoir shoots.  While Demi was naked in her photo, the image is equally great with an amazing pair of panties!

Don’t forget – you can wear things that you would for a regular boudoir shoot!  Bra and panty set with a beautiful baby belly is simply perfection!

Anything else you’d include in a maternity boudoir?  Leave your comments below.

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