She’s Not An Artist

I’ve never felt like an artist.  When I think of an artist, I think of painters and sculptors.  Photographers are never someone you immediately think of when someone asks you your favorite artist.  Think – right now – name your favorite artist.  You’ll probably think of a few people and I bet that none of them are photographers.

I never thought of photography as an art until I had a conversation recently with my mother.  I thought in my mind that there is no art in what I do – I execute photos.  But, what I realized when talking with my mom is that it does take an artistic eye to see something, capture it with my camera and editing the image to produce an amazing result.  And, let’s not forget posing.  Especially when it comes to my boudoir photography, posing is an art – to know what looks good on each and every body type – that truly is an art and vision.

Another layer of artistic vision comes to life when I do styled photo shoots.  You see – this is a whole different level of photography vision.  Seeing something in my head, getting the props, setting it up and executing the photographs.

Plain and simple…

I’m an artist

The lies we tell ourselves are sometimes louder than the truth.  We have to find a way to make the truth louder.  That’s one of my goals for 2016 – I want the truth about my art and talent to be foremost in my mind.  We have to train our minds to think the way we want it to – that’s one thing I’ve learned from all the personal and business development books I’ve read.

It’s time to set our minds right and see in ourselves what other see.  

Here are some photos of a styled shoot I did with Millie and Nora.  It was a fun little shoot with two amazing girls, whose mother is pretty awesome!

If you’d like details on a styled session, please contact me to discuss.

More details on our children photography – click here.


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