Choosing A Boudoir Photographer – Does Price Matter

A very simple question – does price matter?  Simple answer – YES!

Does Price Matter When Choosing Your Boudoir Photographer?  Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer - Helpful boudoir photography blogs

As you do your research on boudoir photographers, the question of price always comes up.  I completely respect and understand budgetary concerns, but you really have to take into account the full scope of the offering.

In most cases, those photographers who have invested in their education, lighting, studio equipment, etc are higher priced and there is a reason for that.  As we photographers get more experience, our price increases.  Not because we want to charge more, but we know the cost of running our business and the investment we’re making to give you the best experience possible.

Anyone could pick up a camera and start to take photos in this digital world of iPhones, point and shoot and some entry level DSLRs  But, you want a photographer who has spent time investing in developing their boudoir experience.

When we invest in ourselves, we invest in you!


I can say that I have personally invested in my boudoir education by doing the following:

~Taking boudoir specific workshops that included one-on-one shooting time with a model

~Studying posing of all different body types

~Taking workshops about lighting subjects

~Conducting my own personal model calls to test new posing and studio setups

~Taking workshops and doing independent studies on editing of photos

~Participating in extensive boudoir marketing and business camps

~Setting up a studio that produces optimal results in lighting and allows for ease of posing

~Understanding client needs and developing the boudoir experience I offer

~Obtaining special props to be used to sessions and know what will look great in the photos

~Cameras & Lenses.  Yes, those cameras and lenses cost lots of money 🙂  Most photographers invest in top of the line equipment – I know I do!

Those are just some of the things I’ve done, and I feel it’s necessary to continue to develop my skills so that I’m at the top of my game.  You are always learning in photography!

Finally, when it comes to price, think about it in Corporate America sense – as you get more experience and more knowledge of your job, you request increases in your pay.  It’s the same thing with a photographer.  As we gain more knowledge of our craft, increase our equipment, take workshops, etc. it only serves us that the price increase.

Find a photographer who has made an investment – that means they are able to give you a wonderful experience!

Is price the most important to you?  Yes or No?  Leave your comments below.

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