Lacey’s Princess Birthday Party

Just a few photos of my time with the Lacey & her family and friends at her princess birthday party at Artsy Doodle in Beaver.

It’s always a treat for me to spend time with this family, and this party was no exception.  There’s something about photographing a child’s party like this:

1) I capture TRUE emotion.  Opening those gifts, being surprised, loving what you’re getting .. all good things about these events.

2) I love seeing kids interact with other kids.  It’s just pure fun.  There were swords for the boys and crowns for the girls.  Well, the girls picked up the swords and started sword fighting.  It was great.

3) Love that mom & dad can sit back and relax during the party and let me worry about photos.  Angela wasn’t running around making sure she got a photo of something – she knew I was there to capture all those special moments from the day.

I love this job I call photography!  It’s an amazing journey and I love everything about each photographic opportunity presented to me!



Captured a great moment with Lacey & her grandmother.  This is one of the reasons I love photographing these events – for these special moments.  I believe this will be a photo that Lacey cherishes forever!

Of course some photos of her opening her gifts!  I absolutely love capturing a child’s reaction to their gifts.  Such a true moment.

The next photo is probably my favorite expression!  

She’s such a sweet girl!

When Lacey’s mom saw the photo below, she told me it was her most favorite photo of her daughter ever! 🙂 

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