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Another boudoir tip here from Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Maura Chick of Pics By Chicks Photography.  What’s the one thing you should practice for your boudoir photo shoot?!?!  It’s not what you think…  For details on my boudoir package (including pricing), please click here.  If you wanted to see other boudoir photo shoot planning tips, please click here.  Every two weeks I post a boudoir photo shoot tip that can help you in planning your dream session!  Finally, to see a collection of my boudoir photos, please click here.


A very important topic here – what to practice before boudoir photo shoot!

the 1 thing to practice before your photo shoot - Pittsburgh boudoir photographer - Pics By Chicks Photography

I hear from so many women that they are going to practice their “sexy” face prior to the shoot.  No, no – just no.  I know that some boudoir photographers would have you get in front of the mirror and practice being sexy but I’ve never found that to actually work.

Case in point.  I had a beautiful client who was practicing her sexy face and what she saw in the mirror was not sexy so she was constantly stressing out about it.  So, when she arrived at her session, she was extra nervous about her facial expressions.  The thing is – she didn’t need to do anything extra to look sexy in her photos – her natural look was amazing.  But, during the shoot I could see what was going on in her head – I would have her in a pose, it was great, but she would change her facial expression … her head told her that her face wasn’t sexy so she tried to change it.  It wasn’t needed.  All that practice and worry and stress FOR NOTHING!

I don’t want you to practice your sexy face.  I’ll be able to get good looks out of you!

What I want you to practice is your posture!

Oh, posture.  I’ll admit – because I keep it honest – my posture sucks.  Just plain sucks.  I’ll sit at the desk and just feel my shoulders come forward.  In preparation for your photo shoot, I implore you to work on your posture!  We want to elongate as much as we can, and posture can make or break a photo.  And, during the shoot, I’ve even been known to tell clients to over accentuate their posture – the more uncomfortable it feels, the better it looks! 🙂

Forget practicing your sexy face – work on maintaining good posture.  Put those shoulders back!  I feel so much more confident when I do!

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