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Another boudoir tip here from Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Maura Chick of Pics By Chicks Photography.  I want to talk about what sets me apart from other photographers.  For details on my boudoir photography services for those in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, please follow the links below:

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Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Pics By Chicks Photography - What Sets Maura apart from other boudoir photographers and why she should be your boudoir photographer


Why am I different?

1 – Unlimited Outfits

During our session time, I allow you unlimited outfits.  We shoot for two hours and we will get thru as many outfits as we can during that time.  While you are in hair and makeup, I will really look at all your outfits and have a plan for each.  I always tell my clients to bring options.  The reason unlimited outfits is so great – what happens if you are allowed only 2 outfits during your shoot, and when you arrive, one of your outfits doesn’t look so great.  You’re out an outfit.  With my boudoir shoots, you can bring lots of options and if something doesn’t work out, we just move on to the next.

2 – You are my Focus

I only do one photo shoot a day.  I want to make sure that each clients gets my full attention and energy!  I don’t just stand there and take pictures.  I’m up, down, running around – always getting the best shot possible.  I’ll get down on the floor and show you what I’m looking for with each pose.  In order for me to give you the best possible experience, you will be my full focus for the day.  I won’t be distracted with another client coming in after your shoot – the day is yours.  So, if we run a little long, there’s no worries from my side.  You’ll never see one client coming in while you are leaving.    IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!

While I’m likely ready to collapse from exhaustion after your photo shoot, I will immediately run to the computer, download and start looking at your photos!  When this job is your passion, you get energized to keep going!

3 – Extensive Training

I’m highly trained in the art of boudoir.  And, yes, it’s an art.  I have to know how to pose all body types, how to work with my clients, how to light scenes, how to photograph and how to edit photos.  I’ve done extensive training in each of these areas, and I’ve heavily invested in my education.  And, when I invest in my education, I am actually investing in you.

I know all body types.  I know how to pose you to make you look amazing!  I never use models to advertise my work – you only see real women on my blog.

4 – My Editing

This goes along with #3, but my editing is top notch!  I personally hand edit every single boudoir photo that you see in your gallery.  I don’t outsource my editing because I want control of my photos.  And, each photo is different, each pose is different and those photos may need different edits. I spend hours editing a boudoir collection so present the best possible photos and I do all the tweaks necessary!

5 – My Passion

From the moment you first contact me to the day I deliver your final product, you will know that 1) I love my job; 2) I love my clients.  My sole focus is to make sure you have the best experience possible.  You will see my passion as we shoot, you will see my passion as you leave with a special gift, you will see my passion when I deliver your photos.  Every step of the way you will KNOW that boudoir photography is my passion.  At the end of the day, your photographer should love what they do and I can tell you that I LOVE MY JOB!

Trust that you are in good hands and that I know what I’m doing!  Let me give you the experience of a lifetime! <3

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