Why Can’t You Do It With Their Clothes On?

My mother recently asked me why I love boudoir so much.  I explained to her that showing women a side of themselves, watching them embrace and celebrate who they are, and seeing their confidence soar to new heights is an amazing thing for me to be a part of.  Her response, “Yeah, that’s great.  But, why can’t you do it with their clothes on?”

Great question Mom!  One that I had an answer for and I’d like to share it with you on the blog today.

pittsburgh boudoir photography celebrating women as they take their mask off

When you have to strip down in next to nothing with someone you don’t know, there’s no more hiding.  You are standing in front of someone in your most vulnerable state – you can’t back away.  Everything that you fear showing to other people is out there to see.  Stretch marks, cellulite, lumps and bums – it’s all there.  My clients may see it, they my *try* to hide it, but guess what – it doesn’t matter to me.  These things we hide from others mean nothing to me.  There is complete and total liberation from those things.  You finally begin to strip off the mask that you’ve been hiding behind.  You step into the light and shine.

You can only begin to accept and embrace when you take that mask away.

One of the biggest things you start to learn is that others don’t see what you see.  You can’t begin to realize that until you drop the mask and walk towards someone that can show you how amazing you are!

A total embrace can happen!

So much freedom is found when you embrace everything about yourself…your perceived flaws and all.  You learn to stop caring what other people think because you realize that no one focus on the things that you do.  Other people look at you and see what kind of friend you are, the love you give, the compassion you share, the joy you bring.  By stripping your mask away, you see what’s inside you and begin to know that that’s what matters most.

You become the example for other women.  You become someone who will inspire others to strip off their own mask and begin a journey of their own!

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