The Impact of Boudoir

I ran my boudoir mini sessions this weekend and they were a smashing success!  I was honestly worried that I would struggle in connecting with my clients in such a short amount of time.  I really pride myself on making lasting relationships with my clients and I wanted my boudoir mini sessions to be the same.  Well, I must say that I had so much fun with my clients on Sunday – it was amazing.  And, it was equally great to check my email and get the below email from one of my clients.  She was so wonderful during her session and this email clearly outlines why EVERY SINGLE WOMAN SHOULD DO A BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT.

Please read her testimonial – it’s an important message for all you ladies.



      I’m so happy that A[name removed] opened my eyes to Pics By Chicks.  I certainly owe her a few drinks!!  I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for the experience that you provided me with today; because for the first time in my life, I felt BEAUTIFUL. I’ve always been self conscious (like many females today), but my self consciousness is different.  I’m confident in myself.  I feel smart, strong, and comfortable in my personality.  My self consciousness comes from the inability to see beauty in myself.
     When you turned your camera around to show me the image you captured, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  As you could see, I had teared up right there on the spot.  That moment was absolutely priceless, and quite frankly, unexpected. I couldn’t believe that was me…beautiful, empowered, and, dare I say it, SEXY! Thank you for helping me see my true beauty.  What you do for women is incredible.  You should be so proud of yourself for the work that you do. 
      You create such a positive environment for your clients the minute they walk through the door; welcoming us with excitement and more importantly, taking the time to be with us and get to know us one on one, building trust. It means so much to me that you accommodated me and my, “not so common” outfit during my mini-session. That was unbelievably nice of you, and I’m still smiling from ear to ear because of it. I’m so glad that your husband supports what you do (HIGH FIVE, HUBBY)!!  Today was so worth the drive and the cost.  TRUST ME!
       Maura, you are so talented, fun, and raw and I LOVE IT!!!  I will be spreading the word about you and your business to all of my friends.  You deserve the recognition and the new business!  I had so much fun being on the other side of your camera today. I can’t say it enough….thank you!
With much gratitude,
C[name removed]
She said it better than I ever could!  I will admit that I cried while reading this, and I immediately went to my awesome husband and told him that my job is important!  And, it is. Working with women is my life’s calling and I’m so honored to be able to do what I love.
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