Themed Boudoir Session – Boho Chic (Hippie)

Today’s theme for a boudoir shoot is a Hippie Chic or Boho styled session.  This takes an open mind and trust in your photographer. When looking at outfits for a hippie chic session, you need to have the vision – sometimes it’s hard to see these items in a boudoir shoot because they can look like normal clothes.  My advice – remember that you’ll have super sexy hair and makeup, and your photographer should know posing tat’s going to bring out the sexiness of hippie chic.

theme for a boudoir shoot - boho hippie chick - boudoir photo shoot - Pittsburgh boudoir photographer

Here are my picks for what to wear for a hippie chic photo shoot.

dressLong dresses

Long dresses but more specifically long flowing dresses.  You can have any kind of pattern but I love a whimsical dress with a beautiful & subtle floral pattern.  Try to stay away from those heavy fabrics.  Think chiffon.  You need have a dress that will show movement.  Maxi dresses work very well too.  This dress is from Rotita.


A couple ideas with tunics – lace, ruffles and crochet items are a must for a hippie chic session.  I love when my clients bring lace tank tops.  I do recommend for this kind of themed session that the tops you bring are a little oversized.  I don’t typically recommend bringing items that are too big but it would work for this kind of session.  This item is from


Oh, yes, a romper.  I really tried to resist the urge to put a romper on this list but they are 1) in style right now; 2) perfect for a hippie chic session.  This item is from  Because of it’s neutral color it can be easily styled with some jewelry and killer heels that would perfectly match the session theme.  As with the dresses, try to keep the fabric very light and airy – no heavy fabric.


Jeans and a headband

What better and more simple outfit than just jean (even jean shorts) and a super cute headband.  Add a super cute lace bra and it’s a perfect combination for your themed session.  As with the other items, make sure the shorts are not tight – you have to have room to move (are you noticing a trend in my advice?!?).  Here is an image I found on Upbeat Soles that highlights perfectly the styling.

One big tip & idea – have your boudoir session outside!  Fields of tall grass would be perfect for a hippie chic session!

Anything else you’d wear for a hippie chic themed session?  Leave your comments below.

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