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I am inviting all the haters, cyber bullies, and internet trolls into my life with this post.  My clients are vulnerable with me all the time.  I’m going to return that favor my posting something very vulnerable of myself.

If you are in my private self-love community group (I’ll link to it below), you may remember that I shared the below photo in my group last year.  I once asked the ladies in the group to write down 3 things every day that they love about themselves.  I was thinking of a way that I drive this point home – they need to focus on what they love, not what they perceive as flaws.  When you focus on the flaws, you can’t see that radiant smile, that confident women, that amazing person who serves others.  All you see are red lines all over you body….you missed it.  You missed the smile, you missed the confidence, you missed the spirit, you missed the SOUL!

I shared it in our very safe environment on Facebook.  It was great to expose myself like that and show my vulnerability.  But, I was terrified to put this out there publicly for everyone else to see.  But, the message is important.  I want to share it with you all here.  So, read below!


How often do you pick apart every little thing about yourself? I wanted to out myself, to show you that you aren’t alone, that you can overcome all the negativity you’ve put on yourself, that you can shine in the midst of the craziness, that you can focus on who you are not what you look like! I’m imperfect. But those imperfections make me unique but still so very lovable!

I cried .. a lot … as I was putting this together. Some of the things I’ve said about myself are horrible to think about – they were things my closest friends or even strangers would never say about me. But here I was admitting that I used to say these things about myself. Why would I be so mean? It was staring me right in the face. I couldn’t hide or pretend that this version of me existed (and maybe still exists on my bad days).

Our minds are fixated on all the things we perceive as negative. Things that people don’t even see about us. How in the world can you be positive about your life when you think and say all these negative things about yourself?!? Honestly. Until you change your focus and your perspective of yourself, you’ll  constantly question yourself.

Stop marking yourself up with red lines of all these things that don’t matter. When you start nitpicking yourself, I want you to imagine making these lines all over your body. Everyone has stretch marks, cellulite exits in most females, we all have something. Those things have no impact on the person you ARE! I beg of you to change your focus.   If you don’t, you’ll never see that bright smiling woman!  The lines have distorted your view!

I’m not saying that I don’t focus on certain things about myself but I don’t let the negative win the war in my mind. I don’t have anything that’s abnormal. Here’s something that I noticed about this – the more I looked at myself, the more comfortable I got with it. I have lumps of fat around my hips, so what. I have big thighs, great. I have saggy boobs, lovely. I have stretch marks, wonderful reminder of my weight loss.

I’m not saying that I don’t have bad days – I do. But I have confidence in myself that goes far beyond my looks. That’s why the projects I run in my group are so important to me! I want you all to feel amazing and find a new level of confidence! It doesn’t happen overnight though and it requires work! You’ve focused on the negative for so long and it hasn’t gotten you anywhere. It’s time to look at all the great things about you!!!

Join my on the next journey – there’s so much growth when we can be vulnerable with others but, most importantly, with ourselves!

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