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As Pittsburgh boudoir photographers, you may be expecting two female photographers in Pittsburgh based on our name!  Nope – not the case!  Maura Chick here as the Pittsburgh boudoir photographer and portrait photographer behind Pics by Chicks Photography to welcome you to our site!  Below in this post I will introduce you to Mr. Chick, but please note, he doesn’t participate in boudoir photo shoots – he just the one that gave me my married last name so I thought it’s important to showcase him! 🙂

The Chick behind the “Clique” – Meet Maura:

pittsburgh boudoir photographers, maura chick of pics by chicks photography

Hi! I’m Maura Chick, the “Chick” behind Pics by Chicks Photography. I love to laugh (a lot!), make fun of myself and have a good time enjoying the people I’m with – which seems to be the perfect recipe of traits for a boudoir photographer!

A little background of how I found my calling as a boudoir photographer… I attended Alfred University to study Accounting, after Accounting 201 kicked my butt, I switched to Management Information Systems. A requirement of an MIS major was a liberal arts class and I chose photography since I always loved taking photos as a hobby. A move to NYC to be with Corporate America, then a move to Pittsburgh to be with family, plus 7 years brought me face-to-face with my future husband. Fortunately, we shared the same love of photography, got hitched and then got started on building our photography business. Once I left Corporate America to pursue my passion, I never looked back!

I truly love bringing people, especially women, happiness thru the medium of photography. It’s the greatest joy in my life! (I can say that because I don’t have children!)

Even after 15 years, I still love developing my photography skills. Since December 2012, I have received one-on-one training from the brilliantly talented Heather Lahtinen ( Inspiring women and being inspired by them is a revolving door I love to keep spinning!

Want to know more? You can follow me on Facebook at to see what I’m up to and my latest boudoir sessions!

The manliest Chick I know! – Meet Tony:

pittsburgh boudoir photographers

(NOTE: Tony does not participate in boudoir photo sessions. That is my personal experience with you and I take your privacy very seriously. I don’t even let him see the finished product!)

Tony is my amazing husband, the funniest guy I know and is the Senior Staff Photographer at Pics by Chicks. I guess you could also say he named our business since I sort of stole his last name when we got married!

A little background about Tony… he always loved taking portraits for his family and studied Photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. With his degree in hand, he was called upon by other photographers to be a second shooter at weddings. He’s also a published sports photographer. Tony’s passion for photography stretches beyond 25 years and he is consistently learning new photography and equipment.

As the senior staff photographer, Tony gets to capture all the amazing candid moments that make each couple unique. He is my assistant, an amazingly talented photographer and the love of my life.

You can stalk Tony on Facebook (you have my permission!) at

About the Chicks

I love getting to know my clients and hear their personal stories, so I decided to share mine with you!

I joined a hiking club to meet some other lovers… of the outdoors! Tony happened to be the leader of my first hike with the club, and the rest – as they say – is history! 18 months later, we were married and I was officially a Chick!

One of the things that made us “click” was our shared passion of photography. Our first date was a photo trip to McConnell’s Mill State Park, and Tony gave me pointers on nature photography. Now, I give him pointers on tons of things unrelated to photography – so we’re even!

It’s pretty amazing to share a love for each other and photography!

About Pics by Chicks Photography

Tony and I have been taking pictures like it’s our job for years. Friends’ weddings, family photo shoots, you name it, we were there clicking away! While it was amazing, Tony was thinking BIG. He thought we should offer our services to the world, asked if I agreed, and once again – I said I DO!

As the focus of Pics by Chicks turned towards boudoir photography, Tony let me take the reins. He continues to play a major role by providing emotional support and helping me live my dream. He also gives me pointers any chance he gets!

We would love for you to be a part of our journey, and hope to one day have a chance to photograph a part of yours.

You can find us on Facebook by clicking here.

Fellow pinners, we are on Pinterest, too!

Note: We are insured Pittsburgh boudoir photographers and portrait photographers thru PPA.

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