Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

pI’m sure you have questions … I’ve got answers.  If you would like more information about Pittsburgh boudoir photographers or don’t find your question here, please contact us.


Where & When do the shoots take place?

Boudoir sessions take place in the Pics By Chicks studio Monday thru Friday.  My studio is located near Beaver, PA and is easily accessible from all major road ways (I-376, Route 65, Turnpike).

Will my photos appear on your website or promotional materials?

That’s up to you.  Some clients are OK with images being shared, while others want to maintain privacy.  These are your photos, not mine, so I respect your wishes.  A 10% discount on a boutique collection is available if you allow me to share your photos.   As a paying client, I will respect your right to privacy, as I understand the sensitive nature of these photos.  If you do release your photos, please know that nudity of any kind is never shared.

Due to our wedding photography schedule, weekend sessions are very limited and tend to book 3-4 months in advance.  An additional fee for a weekend session may apply.  Contact me for details.

Do you have payment plans?

The beauty of my setup is that payment plans are automatically built into my system.  Payment plans are always available to make this an experience everyone can have!  If you need special payment arrangements, please contact me to discuss.

What do I bring to the photo shoot?

Sexy outfits, matching bras and panties, heels, thigh high stockings/fishnets, hats, significant other’s tie or button down shirt, etc.  You can bring jewelry but I’ll also provide access to my jewelry collection.   This is your chance to splurge at Victoria’s Secret & Fredericks of Hollywood!!!

Also, if there is music that brings out a sexy mood, feel free to bring a playlist.  I will have music playing and would love to incorporate anything that you think will help relax you.

After you book your session, you will receive access to my boudoir session planning guide, which has tons of ideas on what to bring.

What kind of outfits are suggested?

Almost anything can be sexy in these photo shoots.  I definitely recommend push up bras with a matching panty, garters, thigh highs.  I also recommend that you bring a primarily white outfit – I have a “white” scene during the boudoir shoot and a white outfits makes it even better.

Here are some other outfit suggestions:

Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband’s white button down shirt, tie or hats.  Anything special of his – his favorite t-shirt, uniform, etc – something of his you’d want to incorporate into the shoot.   Corsets, baby dolls, sheer teddy, thigh-high stockings, garter belts, lace panties, bustier, any personal item you might want included in your photos.  Also, consider a little black dress or “illusion” dress  or a crop top- boudoir doesn’t just have to be about lingerie.

After you book your session, you will receive access to my boudoir session planning guide, which has tons of ideas on what to wear and even where to shop.

Check out my Pinterest boudoir with some additional clothing ideas:

Does Pics By Chicks Photography provide wardrobe for the shoot?

I have a small collection of items that can be used during your session.  However, most clients  provide their own lingerie and outfits.  Of all the outfits available, I will help decide which outfits you bring will translate best into the photos and will help choose between your selections.   I do offer my collection of jewelry for full styling of your chosen outfit.

What props do you use during the shoot?

I have backdrops – both light and dark – chairs, crystals and a bedroom scene.   Curtains, lace, tulle, mirrors, fans, veils, etc.

How long will my boudoir photo shoot last?

Your shoot will last ~4 hours.  We schedule 2 hours for hair and makeup and 2 hours for the photo shoot.

Is there a limit to the number of outfits during the session?

No.  You can change outfits as many times as you want during your shoot.   During a typical boudoir session, 3-5 outfit changes can be accommodated.  I recommend you bring more options so we can work together on selecting which outfits will translate best into the photographs.

Do I need to use your makeup artist and hair stylist?

Yes.  The hair and makeup is part of your pampering for your boudoir shoot.  My hair & makeup artists understand the look I’m going for in boudoir and I trust them to give you the right look!

How should I look the day of my shoot?

Come to your shoot fresh face – no makeup, a little moisturizer if needed.  Wash your hair the night before and let it air dry.  We’re going to give you sexy hair and get it messy anyway! 🙂

How will I know how to pose?

I will help you pose, I will give you TONS of direction.  I’ve learned posing techniques to achieve amazing images.  And, I’ll demonstrate exactly what I’m looking for!   My goal is to make you comfortable and get over the nervousness.

Do you retouch the photographs?

Yes, ALL boudoir photos are retouched.  I do skin softening, eye enhancing, and body contouring such as minimizing or enhancing curves.

I don’t have a perfect body.  Is boudoir right for me?

YES!  I’ve photographed size 2 and size 26…all have produced beautiful pictures.  The purpose of boudoir is to make you feel the most beautiful regardless of your size or age.  I will pose you in ways that will diminish any concerns with your appearance.

Will I be required to get naked?

You decide your nudity comfort level and share that with me before you shoot in your pre-session questionnaire.  There are no poses where you are required to be naked and I will never ask you to get naked.  If you are comfortable getting naked, additional poses can be incorporated into your session.  Your hands and body will be strategically posed so that there is no nudity in your photographs.

What should I do to prepare for the shoot (The Dos for your shoot)?

I recommend getting hair touch-ups, waxing, manicure (neutral color polish) and pedicure prior to your shoot.  Wear clear deodorant the day of your shoot.  Get a good night’s sleep, moisturize your skin, drink water.  Eat a good breakfast before arriving! Relax and get ready to be pampered by me!  🙂

What shouldn’t I do (The Don’ts for your shoot)?

No new haircuts right before the shoot.  Do not get a fake tan before your session (natural skin tone translates very well in boudoir photographs).  No Botox or collagen injections for at least a week before the shoot.

Can I bring someone to the shoot?

If you feel comfortable, you may bring 1 female friend with you but I would ask that the friend respect the creative aspect of the shoot and not get involved.  Please note this word of caution:  I’ve had clients bring someone to the shoot and to be perfectly honestly it’s boring for the friend.  They will sit for two hours while we have fun during your shoot.

Can I pick a themed shoot?

If you have a particular theme in mind, by all means contact me to discuss!  There may be an extra fee for a specific theme due to the different props that would be required but I am willing to accommodate special requests.

When can I view my images from the shoot?

At the time you schedule your boudoir photo shoot, you will also pick a viewing & ordering appointment where you will come back to view your images and place an order for your artwork.  The viewing appointment is typically 3-4 weeks after your shoot.

Can I buy an album?

Yes.  Albums (little black books) are available as one of my boutique collections.  You can upgrade your album to add pages to include more photos, or you can upgrade to a designer album.

If I decide to purchase an album, who picks the pictures for the album?

You pick the photos!  I will design the album during your viewing session and you will review & approve it before it’s ordered.

Will you come to my house for the shoot?

No.  I do boudoir shoots in my studio.

Do you do couples boudoir photo shoots?

Yes, I do couples boudoir.  Please contact us for pricing.  The price on the website is for a single subject boudoir.

How much does a boudoir session cost?

Please click HERE to visit Our Services page, which details the boudoir experience and cost for a session.

When should my session take place?

Your session should take place 6-8 weeks prior to the date you need the finished product.  For example, if you are looking to provide the photos for an October gift, your session should take place in August with your viewing appointment in September.  I’m often booking 3-4 months in advance so don’t delay in getting in the schedule.

How do I schedule a boudoir with you?

You can begin the booking process in one of 3 ways.

  1. You can contact me [Maura] at or (724) 384-0668.  Or, use the Contact submission form on my website.
  2. You can also complete our boudoir questionnaire by clicking HERE!  This questionnaire gives us an idea of what you’re looking for in your boudoir.  I will contact you directly via email after we receive your completed questionnaire.  Please note:  if you complete the questionnaire without first emailing us, please check your SPAM folder.  You will receive a response to your questionnaire within 24 hours and sometimes our emails get routed to Spam/Junk folders!
  3. You can now begin the booking process online by selecting your photo shoot date.  You can access my calendar here.
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