Wonder Woman

I took a small break from blogging sessions recently.  I have been so insanely focused on my sessions that I haven’t found the time to keep the blog updated.

Time.  It’s a funny thing.  We all feel like we don’t have enough time.  Not enough time to do all the things we want to do, that we expect ourselves to do, that others request us to do.  We can’t make time – we’re all given the same 24 hours in one day.

One of my friends posted a meme on Facebook that said, “trying to be a good mom, wife, friend, family member, drink enough water, exercise, cook, clean, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy.”  It was accompanied by a photo of Cruella DeVille.

I thought to myself, “well, gosh.  We can’t do it all. Stop expecting yourself to do everything and be everything to everybody.”

  And I think that’s what my friend was expecting of herself.  She wants to be perfect and have time for everything.  But, we don’t have time for EVERYTHING.  What you do have is enough time for the things that are the most important to you.

That’s essential for you to remember.  You always have time for that which is most important.  And, I think that should be our focus – what is important?  That’s where you should spend the most of your time.

Stop giving half of yourself to all the things.  Give your whole self to the most important things!


Now I share with you this beauty’s session, and the special item of her husband’s that she wanted to incorporate into her session.  Here’s what she said about her session:

1) Why did you decide to invest in a boudoir photo shoot?  For myself

pittsburgh boudoir photography with moody lighting, photos of woman in pink bodysuit

2) How did you feel about yourself before your photo shoot?  Not very beautiful

boudoir photo shoot pittsburgh with guitar

boudoir photo shoot pittsburgh with guitar

3) How did you feel about yourself after your photo shoot?  Wonder woman

boudoir photo shoot pittsburgh with guitar

4) Describe your session in 3 words?  Exciting, lifting and empowering
boudoir photo session in pittsburgh studio, Queen bodysuit
5) What was your favorite part of the boudoir photo shoot?  Maura magic

6) What value do you think a boudoir session brings to your life and the community of women you support? Confidence

7) What would you say to other women who are considering a boudoir photo shoot?  Do it.


fun boudoir photos with pics by chicks photography

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