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This woman is someone I’ve known since I was young.  She’s had a prior session with me that was just for herself, but this time she wanted to come to give her husband a gift for their anniversary.  She was going to keep it a surprise but caved and told him what she was doing for his gift.  He asked, “Oh man. I have no idea what to get you for our anniversary.” She responded, “The session with Maura is the gift to me.  The photos are the gift to you.”

BINGO!!  I love this, and was absolutely honored to have her back here for another session with me.

Here’s what she said about her second session:

plus size boudoir photography pittsburgh

1) Why did you decide to invest in a boudoir photo shoot?  As a gift to my husband and myself for our 20th wedding anniversary. Being that I had a prior shoot with Maura, I knew that this was just the thing I needed and he would love it too!

plus size boudoir photography pittsburgh

2) How did you feel about yourself before your photo shoot?  Honestly, after a previous shoot and following along in the FB group and just generally taking time to think about and make some adjustments to life in general, I was really starting to appreciate and embrace ME! Are there days when I only see flaws? Yes. Or feel like I have no clue what I’m doing? Yes. However, I’m making a real effort to toss all the negative out with the trash.

Intimate Photos Pittsburgh

3) How did you feel about yourself after your photo shoot?  AMAZING!!! It was confirmation that I am indeed beautiful, gorgeous, HOT!! MORE than just physically but soul-fully too!

4) Describe your session in 3 words?  Butt, Boobs, CURVES

Intimate Photos Pittsburgh

5) What was your favorite part of the boudoir photo shoot?  Spending the day with Maura! Talking, laughing, crying, yelling, dancing – what a fabulous way to spend an afternoon.

Intimate Photos Pittsburgh

6) What would you say to other women who are considering a boudoir photo shoot?  Just do it!

At the end of every session, I have each client stand in front of the empowerment wall for one final photo!  It’s the culmination of everything we’ve been through that day!  It’s something that lasts a lifetime!

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