My Clients Are Just Like You

In January, I had this crazy idea pop into my head.  As with all my crazy ideas, I need to recruit people to help me.  Immediately, all my past clients popped up into my head.

I wanted to execute an EPIC photo (that’s what I told them it was called) that showed a group of my clients.  This photo would showcase that I’ve worked with every body type, every skin color, every abnormality we can point out in our body, every age, every walk of life.  They are all represented in my work.  I hear a lot from potential clients, “Oh, I don’t look like the women in your photos.”  AH, yes.  Yes you do!  This is evidence of that FACT.

I emailed all my past clients (the hundred of them!) and asked them if they’d be interested in participating, and this amazing group of women showed up on the day of the event.  I will call it an event because Maura Chick (that’s me) doesn’t just take a photo – it has to be something special, something memorable for these women.  Because every moment of every day I want to have an impact on someone’s life.  So, what was an EPIC photo turned into a client appreciation event.  After we took some photos, we all sat down on blankets and had a picnic.  I had some catered food, plus a few things I made and we just enjoyed a summer evening together.

When I was going through my education to become a certified self love life coach, I was asked, “When do you feel the most loved?” And, in being truthful, I couldn’t answer it.  It brought me to tears.  How can one not know when they feel the most loved?!?  A few days later it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I feel most loved when women come together to support, encourage and uplift each other.  I’m sure you can gather, at this event, I felt loved.  These women that I’ve poured my heart and soul into in preparation for their session, during their session, and the time that has followed since their session came together to support the vision and each other.  The love fest was felt by all, especially me.

Thank you to these incredible women for spending some time with me, and helping any future clients get over the feelings like they could never be like the ladies in my photographs.

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