Once in a Lifetime Experience

It’s time to share another beauty with you and this blog post is in her own words, so I’ll leave it to her!

1) Why did you decide to invest in a boudoir photo shoot?  The reason I invested into doing a boudoir shoot was a surprise for my fiance, which the day of the shoot he actually found out, however, while doing the shoot it became something that I needed as well. It had become an empowerment moment for me as a woman.

2) How did you feel about yourself before your photo shoot?  Well, this is kind of tough to answer because we never truly can say out loud how we feel about ourselves. Mostly all the flaws we feel or think we see is in our head and its so hard to type down because after you actually sit down and start thinking about what you may think is so imperfect, someone else actually thinks is perfect. So before the shoot, I just felt worn down and beat up. I have 3 beautiful kids, that get all my attention and I really don’t have a lot of time to give to myself or my fiance because everything begins and ends with my kids. My body isn’t perfect, and I have flaws that I need to work on, so I would constantly pick with myself every time I stand in front of a mirror and see all these imperfections.

3) How did you feel about yourself after your photo shoot?  Like WOW!!!! It was the best feeling ever! Words can’t even describe the boost and confidence I felt after walking out of your door that day! I felt like Superwoman and that I just walked out of modeling for Victoria Secret! LOL It was that boost of confidence every woman should experience, If I could tell everyone woman I walk past on the street to at least do a boudoir shoot once in their life and convince them to do it, then that is something because It was the best feeling ever.

4) Describe your session in 3 words?  Breathtaking, Self-love, EXCITING!

Pittsburgh Boudoir, black and white boudoir images in pittsburgh boudoir studio

5) What was your favorite part of the boudoir photo shoot?  There was not one thing that wasn’t my favorite, from walking in the door with the greeting that Maura makes you feel like you have been friends forever. Then getting your makeup and hair done, and starting the shoot it just makes you feel alive and like a woman again.

Pittsburgh Boudoir, black and white boudoir images in pittsburgh boudoir studio

6) What would you say to other women who are considering a boudoir photo shoot?  I would honestly say, DO IT! We lose touch with ourselves as Women because we tend to take on so much responsibility. And we forget how important we are and that we are gentle people, we need to be taken care and make sure that we take care of ourselves as well, because the only person that truly knows how to take care of you, is YOU :-). So if you ever considered doing a boudoir shoot, then stop second guessing, don’t worry about the cost, just do it, because you will not be disappointed, and this is a ONCE in a LIFETIME experience that you will not walk away disappointed.

Pittsburgh Boudoir, black and white boudoir images in pittsburgh boudoir studio

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