{Inspiration Shoot} Fur!

I love getting to be creative!  The creative side of running a photography business is the best part of the job.  After all, I’m an artist and I want to continue to hone my craft.  As I look around at various sites for outfits for my collection or for clients, I find items that immediately spark my interest.  The fur coat was just that!

I found this coat online and immediately knew that I needed it.  I was inspired – I knew exactly how I would style it, I knew exactly how I would have hair and makeup done, I knew exactly where the shoot would take place.  It all just came to me and that creative side of me was ready to go….in fact, she couldn’t wait (yes, I just talked about myself in the third person!).

Here’s the thing … when I get inspired like this, I can hardly think about anything else but that until it’s out of my head into my camera!  The creative takes over, it sees everything, and it NEEDS to get out.  With my crazy busy schedule, I wasn’t expecting to have time to do it soon but then a random cancellation happened and I wanted to take advantage of that while I could!

It was magic!  From the first snap of my camera, to the editing of the images, I was inspired!  My daily inspiration comes from all my FABULOUS clients….they make my days so bright and fill me with complete and total joy!  The inspiration I found in getting this vision to come to life was something so different and something I enjoyed.  You see, I loved the creative and artistic side of photography, which is why I fell in love with it all this years ago.  I need to remember that while running a business — we often forget that.

I’m promising in 2018 to do more inspirational shoots that are just for me.  Get ready for some awesome stuff!!

Now, enjoy some photos from the session…..

pittsburgh boudoir photographer outdoor session in abandoned locationpittsburgh boudoir session in fur coat outside with a brick homesexy outdoor photos in pittsburgh with pics by chicks photographyboudoir photography pittsburgh styled session with fur and brown bodysuitboudoir photographer pittsburgh inspiration sessionsexy and intimate outdoor boudoir photo of fur jacket and brown bodysuitsexy and intimate outdoor boudoir photo of fur jacket and brown bodysuit

Hair and makeup by Pittsburgh Makeup Artist, Kristen Tatko

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