Souls On Fire Feature: Erica

I was so excited when Erica applied for the self love photo shoot!  I met Erica when she came to me for her daughter’s photos, and since that moment I have adored this woman.  Erica works so hard at raising two loving, sweet and confident girls.  I love how open and honest she is with them, and I have to say – she’s doing a GREAT job!  I want to tell her every day how amazing she is and how much I respect and admire her.  She has a soul that shines thru in everything she does, and she’s been so caring and compassionate with me personally that I know she’s this way with others too.  Thank you, Erica, for allowing me to be a part of your life and getting to share so many wonderful experiences with you.  Thanks for always trusting me – even if it involves wedgies and duct tape! 🙂

Here is her Souls On Fire Story:

I spent most of my life feeling very insecure about myself. My middle/high school years had a big impact on me, but not in a good way. I never felt like I fit in, I was socially awkward, and extremely insecure about my looks. I’ve always felt very self-conscious in large groups of people (self-described ‘awkward girl in the corner’), and have never had very many friends.

self love photo shoot with other women in pittsburgh

I’ve worked very hard to shed ‘that girl’. To become comfortable in my own skin, and feel good about who I am. But the real turning point, my step out of the fire, was the birth of my first daughter. I realized that I am her #1 role model. I am the person she will look at first. She’ll take her cues from me. I need to show her how to be confident in herself, how to feel good about who she is, inside and out.

Since then, I’ve finally begun to shed ‘that girl’. I’ve gotten to know and understand myself better. Instead of constantly comparing, I’m realizing that it’s okay to not enjoy large groups of people. It’s okay to have a small – and beyond amazing – group of close friends. It’s okay to say no, to stand my ground, and not ‘go along’ just to attempt to fit in. My body may not be my ideal ‘look’, but it’s an amazing thing. It brought two beautiful, wonderful girls into this world … and, for that, I will love it always.

‘That girl’ still pops up every now and again, but I’m stronger now. I’m fighting that girl for me and my daughters. The more I can project self-confidence on the outside, the more I feel it on the inside. So that is my Soul on Fire.

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