Contract With Yourself

Hey listen up!  I’m just like you.  I struggle daily in my self-love journey.  One day I feel great, the next I feel down.  Part of my journey, though, is that I realize the down days are only temporary!  I know I’ll be right back to a day of love and encouragement.  I feel it in my heart, I know that I’m worthy and deserving.  But, it doesn’t stop those bad days from coming.  We all have them.  I could meet the biggest champion of female self love, care and compassion and I guarantee you that she also has days where she feels down.

Today, I decided to do something about.  Something serious.

I decided to write a contract with myself.

There are severe penalties if this is not followed.

self love practices - making a contract with yourself

I was talking about my journey this upcoming year with some friends, and admitting that I was a hypocrite (see earlier blog post) and I needed to make my self-care a priority.  It’s a necessity for my survival to do so, but I was curious as to how I was going to keep myself accountable.  I so easily fall into a trap of working too much, putting everyone else’s needs in front of mine…blah blah blah – same old story.

Well, the idea of a contract came to mind.  So I’m working on drafting a contract with myself that specifically outlines the steps I will take.

Here’s some of mine:

I, Maura Chick, will make myself a priority in life.  Each morning I will wake and say, “I love you, Maura.  You are so beautiful”

I will do everything in regards to my body from a place of love.  That includes working out as well as eating.  I will do both these things because I love myself, and I deserve the good feelings that come from exercise and healthy eating.  I will not let my appearance hold me back from experience all the enjoyment out of life.

Every month, I will get a 2 hour massage.

Once a month, I will do a special activity that is solely for fun.  I will invite some friends to join me each month.

I will read 3 books per month about self-care, self-love and female empowerment.

I will let a white light of love radiate from me to everyone I encounter.

I will journal twice a week to get out any feelings that I have festering inside me.

I will practice meditation, mindfulness and will stretch daily.

I will encourage others around to me begin their journey and be an constant example of light, love, compassion and empathy.  Most importantly, I will show those characteristics to myself.



Maura Chick


Maura’s Heart, Maura’s representative


I encourage you to write your own contract with yourself.  Print it out, sign it and hang it up on the wall so it’s staring you in the face daily.  That will hold you accountable.  It holds me accountable too!

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