Tame the Breast {Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer}

Continuing my 2015 blogging series with boudoir tips…

Embrace the bust!  Let your breasts roam free!  YES, I SAY! 🙂

Large breasts are a blessing and a curse.  All women are different, especially when it comes to what they are looking for with their boudoir photo shoot – some want to enhance the bust, while others want to minimize it.  Here are some tips for your session if you are self conscious about your chest size.

Minimizer Bras

A minimizer bra distributes the breast evenly to give the illusion of a smaller bust. Check out my list of shops online that you could search for bras (see that post here).  If you can’t find one that is “pretty” enough for your shoot, consider adding a sheer lacy top to wear over the bra.  And, don’t forget jewelry.  Awesome jewelry is a great accessory to enhance any outfit.  Two general tips when purchasing a minimizer bra.  1) Make sure you are wearing the right size bra. This makes a big difference in how the bra works to minimize your appearance.  2) Find a bra with a rounded cup so it maintains your shape.  Shape and curves in boudoir photography are important – very important.  This means it’s essential to find a minimizer bra that will show off those uber-sexy curves!

Wear Dark Color items

You always hear that black is slimming and it’s true.  Consider some darker pieces to your wardrobe for your boudoir session – it always minimizes the appearance of everything.  The biggest piece of advice I could give you here is that you choose solid dark colors, no patterns.

Incorporate Modest Pieces

The use of modest pieces to accentuate your lingerie can be used.  Think of form fitting blazers, cardigans or even v-neck sweaters.  These pieces can really assist in achieving maximum (or minimal .. haha) results with your shoot.

Things to avoid

Yes, there are some things to avoid if you are looking to minimize your chest.  First, long necklaces – these draw the eye to the wrong spot.  For your clothing, avoid overly tight clothes and low cut tops.  These will only draw the eye to where you may not want it to be.

Of course, if you want to accentuate your breasts, well, your boudoir photographer should be all for it!  Remember, your session is about you – celebrating who you are – bringing out your beauty.  Discuss with your photographer – make sure you are on the same page on what you are looking for in your photos.  Ultimately, the product is a reflection of you!

Any tips that you’ve found work for a larger chest?  Leave your comments below.

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