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Continuing my 2015 blogging series with boudoir photo shoot tips and tricks.  Up today is how to dress your body if you are concerned about your stomach.  I hear a lot from my friends that they can’t do a boudoir session because of their middle section, and the always popular “I’ll do a photo shoot when I lose some weight.”  I guarantee you a few things – 1) It’s probably not as bad as you think; 2) the right boudoir photographer knows posing that would minimize your concerns; 3) the right outfits will make you feel comfortable.

What to Wear for Boudoir Photo Shoot - How to dress if concerned with stomach - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Here are some things that I recommend when searching for your boudoir wardrobe if you are concerned about your mid-section.

Corset from Yandy - What to Wear to cover tummy - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir PhotographerCorsets

I just can’t say enough good things about corsets.  They work for all body types! They enhance so many different areas of the body and I must say that I personally love to photograph these.  Corsets, especially bone-in corsets, pull in all the right places and, in the case of those with a tummy, pull in and flatten the area you may be concerned with.  Not all corsets are the same though so please make sure that you try a few on and decide on those that work best for your body.  Remember, corsets are supposed to be a little tight but you need to be able to breathe! 🙂  This awesome corset is from Yandy.com.  I’ve actually photographed this a few times and it looks great in photos.

BabydollsBabydoll - What to Wear Boudoir for tummy - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Babydoll lingerie can perfectly cover up any areas that you may be concerned with.  I love baby dolls and chemises on almost all my clients, and something so simple can be made very sexy in images.  Buy these items in fun and flirty colors for an added touch to your session.  The possibilities are endless in your options for babydoll lingerie sets.  Check out some of my favorite sites for boudoir outfits – click here.  The babydoll pictured here is from AdoreMe.com.

Sheer Top - What to Wear to disguise tummy concerns - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir PhotographerLace Tops

I love lace.  I have found in my photography that the use of lace tops as an overlay of you bra and panties works really well to conceal and area you may be concerned with.   I love these tops so much that I’ve even purchased a few for my collection to offer to clients during their shoot.  Lace also adds a very sexy feel to your outfits.This lace top is from Zulily.  Make sure to find a color that complements your lingerie and you still want to be able to see the bra underneath the top.

Slips & ShapersWhat to wear - Boudoir - to hide tummy & stomach - Slips and Shapewear - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

I love these form-fitting slips & shape wear intimate items  They have multiple purposes just like corsets.  The thing I love about this slip is that in really pulls in the stomach.  This is another great find from Zulily.  Dress this up with some killer jewelry and hells and it’s another perfect boudoir outfit.

lbGarter belts & garter skirts

I found this item at Lane Bryant.  Look for garter belts and even garter skirts that are high-waisted.  These will pull in and conceal the tummy area.  Plus, they are super sexy with a pair of stocking.  But, remember – finding something that is high-waisted is key.

High-waisted pantieshc

Speaking of high-waisted, consider including high waisted panties with a bra.  Get some cute panties with lace or a subtle pattern and it works really well.  I’m not talking about “granny panties” – high-waisted items can be super sexy in boudoir shoots especially with the way photographers pose you during the shoot!  This set here is from Hips & Curves.

You should also check out my blog post on modest wardrobe options for your boudoir photo shoot – click here.  These pieces could work really well for you if you want to conceal with your stomach.


Ladies, please take this advice to heart.  Whatever you do, do not purchase items that are much larger than you are!  While I understand that you may want to conceal this area, I assure you that purchasing an outfit that is big doesn’t do you justice.  Please find items that fit well and have very little “extra” fabric.  Do not get lace tops that are overly large and create extra volume – let me be honest – it just makes you look bigger!  That’s my word of caution when doing your shopping.

Any other items you’d consider for those try to conceal their tummy?  Leave your comments below.

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