Gifts for my husband

Great gift guide for men! Includes unique, thoughtful and funny gifts for men! This list is amazing.

Men are hard to shop for – plan and simple.  No matter how well you know the men in your life it can be incredibly difficult to find a unique gift for them.  Here is my collection of cool gift ideas of guys – husband, fiancé, uncle, dad, etc.  Some of this stuff will work for all the men of your life!  I’ve done my internet searching and research on Amazon.  I think I found some cool, unique and thoughtful gifts!

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So here it goes…my list of items!  I’m always updating and adding things to this list.  If there are any special ideas or items you’d like to share, please comment below.

1 – Why I Love You.  A Journal of Us.

Such an awesome idea to complete this and give it to my husband as a gift.  What an amazing thing to do.  Spend some time filling this out and then present it to him.  I think this is very thoughtful and he would appreciate the time it took to complete the book.  This would also be pretty cool for our kids [if we have kids] to look back on some day.  Maybe buy 2 and let him complete one for you!  It’s a great way to remember your love for each other when times get rough!

2 – Survival Kit Tin

A great gift for camper, hiker or general outdoorsman.  This looks small enough to fit into a backpack so it would be cute to give as a stocking stuffer.

3 – Why I Must Have Sex With You Notepad

This just cracks me up!  It’s a notepad where you can check off various reasons and present it to your spouse!  This gift works for both husband and wife!  But, I’m sure my husband would get a kick out of this gift!

4 – Bullsh*t Button

This is so flipping funny!!!  I think anyone would enjoy this button.  I bought this for my husband for Christmas and I’M actually the one that’s using it.  It’ cracks me up!

5- Ring Bell

Another gift that cracks me up!  How many times would this be going off in your house?!?!  Try this and find out … remember, it’s a gift you can use too! 🙂

6 – Love Dice

Oh yea!  What fun this would be.  And, they’re glow in the dark – there are no excuses!  Another gift that would be enjoyed by both of you! haha.

7 – Eyeglasses holder

This is a great gift for the guy that’s ALWAYS misplacing his glasses!

8- Darth Vader Apron

Star Wars & Grill lovers unite!  This is an awesome gift for the Darth Vader & Star Wars Fan!

9 – Handkerchiefs

For those times when you’re feeling fancy!

10 – Tie Travel Case

This is an AWESOME gift.  His ties always get wrinkled when we travel so this is a unique gift that will be very useful for us!

11 – One Line A Day Book

Another really cool book.  This would be so great to write one line a day – something nice he does for you, something sweet he says, the funny things he did, etc.  It’s so quick to write one line a day.  Then give him the book as a gift.

12 – Bacon Flavored Toothpicks 

All men love bacon, right?!?!  Haha.  Love this gift!

13 – Yoda USB Drive

For the geek & Star Wars lover in your man.  I find this incredibly cool.  Yoda will protect all your important files in this USB drive!

14 – Breakfast Sandwich Maker

How cool!  I’d probably buy this for myself to make him breakfast in bed!  He loves breakfast.  And who wouldn’t love a breakfast sandwich – really – meat, cheese, egg, muffin!  YUM!

15 – Comic Yourself!

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.  Send them a photo and they’ll send you back a hand illustrated, comic style portrait.  They also have other options (like Andy Warhol).  This is the definition of a cool & unique gift!

16 – You Star In the Novel

This is an interesting & intriguing gift.  You can be the star of the novel!  Give them names and they’ll send you a book with you as the character!  Head on over to the website for additional details (just click the photo and it takes you to the site)

17 – Game Controller Soap

Quite interesting and definitely cool.  The Nintendo controller brings back some great memories.  If you want him to feel nostalgic, this would be great! (As a note – remember when controllers only had 4 or 5 buttons?!?!?  I can’t even hold one of the new gaming system remotes!) haha.

18 – Photo Lamp By Light Affection 

I’m kind of blown away by this gift!  It’s just so interesting…a personalized photo lamp!  You upload a photo and they send you a lamp with an illuminated carved plaque of your photo!  They have different sizes to choose from and it looks so serene.

19 – Spy Cards

This is intriguing.  A deck of cards for your aspiring spy!

20 – Mrs. Prindables Caramels

Sweet treats for my sweetie!  Goodness for his stomach is always a pleaser!

21 – Things You Do That Piss Me Off Notepad

Similar to the Why I Must Have Sex With You notepad above – here’s one for him to use when I’ve really pissed him off! HAHAHA.  I’m sure we’d go thru this pretty quick!

22 – Poo-Pourri Gift Set

People often make fun of Poo-pourri but it really does work!  I got some as a gift for my husband last year and its as a hit!  To top it off – it really works! This gift set makes it look real manly and I like that!

23 – Travel Stub Diary

This is a great gift for a seasoned traveler to keep track of the places they’ve been and the experiences they’ve had!

24 – His & Hers Branding Set

Perfect for the grill master.  This would be a cool gift for a bride and groom!

25 – Now I Know book

I love buying interesting books for Tony – they end up being books that I like to read.

26 – Sunglasses Holder

See item above for a glasses holder.  This is a good idea for a guy with multiple glasses.  One place to store them and it looks like it may protect from dust collection.

27 – Bar Games Coasters

Bar Game Coasters

Thirty different coasters with puzzles, drinking game, quizzes and bar tricks all designed to make you laugh.  This would be a good way for him to spice up a boring party! 🙂

28 – Whiskey Advent Calendar

Whiskey Advent Calendar

When the holidays are just too much for him!  An advent calendar all his own! 🙂

29 – Bacon Man Crate

Bacon Man Crate


Plain and simple – men love bacon.  I am obsessed with these man crates as gifts.  Their website says – “We say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don’t save wrapping paper, we don’t do ribbons.  We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can’t wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them.”  Their gifts are very unique and come to you ready to present!  There are so many other crates – they’re all awesome.  My pinterest board has a few others as well.

30 – Worst Gift Ever

Worst Gift Ever

It’s the name of this gift that gets me!  It will definitely get some laughs!

31 – Voice Recording Artwork

Voice Recording Artwork

Another gift that seems to be the definition of unique.  Take a voice recording and it comes back to you in an amazing piece of art!  No one’s voice is the same, right – so this gift would be one of a kind!

32 – Haiku Cubes

Haiku Cubes

When he doesn’t have the words to express his feelings for you, hand him these cubes.  It’ll help him!

33 – Death Star Cookie Jar

Death Star Cookie Jar

Don’t forget to fill it with HIS favorite treats!

34- Water Bottles

His & Hers Water bottles

Go green!  Get some water bottles and use them instead of plastic.  Wouldn’t these be cute to take on a picnic??

35 – Man Cave Sign

36 – Personalized 3D View Finder

Personalized 3D View Finder

So totally awesome!! (Yes, I’m from the 80s)  Get your photos put into your own view finder.  LADIES – an even better idea – have a boudoir/intimate photo shoot.  Get those sexy photos put into this view finder – that’s two gifts in one!! Genius!

37 – What Would You Do? Conversation Starters

Conversation Starter

Something for him to spice up any boring event you drag him to! 🙂

38 – Love Coupons

Love Coupons

Custom coupons starring you!  Time to spice things up!

39 – Personalized Canvas Map

Canvas Map

Personalized Maps with names dates, A vintage twist to a map of the Place you met, married, honeymooned

40 – Custom Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Just because I find these very funny! 🙂

41 – Tablet Cover

Tablet Cover

Cool tablet cover.  Loved this movie as a kid!

42 – Camp Sandwich Maker

Camp Sandwich Maker

Always great for a camper!  I remember using these anytime we had a bonfire.  So great … and recipe cards included!

43 – Super Hero Cookbook

Super Hero Cookbook

A cookbook a man could get into.  The inside is very nicely designed – looks like a lot of fun!

44 – Hey Handsome Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

I enjoy the thought of the smile that would be brought to my husband’s face every time he sees the bottom of this bag.  He certainly needs one of these since his toiletries are throw in a plastic bag when we travel.

45 – Smart Ass Game

Smart Ass Game

I affectionately call my husband a smart ass so this gift is fitting for him!  Another one to make him laugh.

46 – Fire Starter

Fire Starter

This seems great for any outdoorsman.  Seems small enough that you could always carry with you – even if you aren’t overnight camping.

47 – Panasonic Wet/Dry Nose & Facial Hair Trimmer

Hair Trimmer

He needs this  – that’s all I’ll say!  🙂

48 – Truth or Dare – Pick A Stick

Love Truth or Dare

To keep things spicy! 🙂

49 – Between You & Me Couples Journal

Between You & Me Journal

Imagine how much you could learn about each other when you go thru this journal together!

50 – The Ultimate Experience – Drive a Race Car

drive a race car

One thing I LOVE to give people is experiences.  Something they will remember forever.  Cloud 9 Living has some amazing experiences that you can gift your man!  He’ll love it!

51 – Gold Champagne Marshmallows

Champagne Marshmallows

This website has many unique creations for marshmallows.

52 – Beer Nerd Game

Beer Nerd Game

For beer lovers.

53 – Personalized Caricature


These aren’t the typical caricatures you see at amusement parks.  They have many different options!

54 – Cord Organization

Get all those electronic cords organized.  And, it’s easy to travel!

55 – Han Solo iPhone Cover

iPhone cover

This looks very interesting.

56 – Acqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

For all those things he remembers in the shower then forgets 20 minutes later.  Plus, I’d like to leave him a little note to put a smile on his face.

57 – Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

I don’t need to even say anything here.  This is just a great gift!

58 – Bananagrams Game

This is a great two-player game.  If you need a quick stocking stuffer, this would be great.

59 – iPhone Icon Wallet

I can’t tell you how many times my husband just wants to leave the house with his phone and  a credit card.  This is a great gift for that purpose.  Holds the phone & has slots inside for credit cards.

60 – Slide lampshade

I’m over the moon about this gift.  A lampshade made of vintage slides – this would look great in his office.  ALSO, you can customize this so if you have old slides, you can provide them & she will make a lampshade using your slides!  Would be so cool to use old slides of his family photos!  Eekkk..I love this!

61 – Custom Photo Laptop Skin

This is a nice little gift!  He’d always be looking at those he loved.

62 – Personalized Photo Puzzle

Puzzle yourselves!

63 – Lasertag for iPhone

So cool!  Can’t wait to get this and play around with laser tag on the phone!

64 – Luckiest Guy Mug

Luckiest Guy in the world mug

Yup, he’s one lucky guy!  This is a perfect mug and it gives me a great chuckle!

65 – Personalized Canvas with Text

I would LOVE to get a great photo of us and include my wedding vows to him!

66 – Bath Caddy

Bath Caddy

For the man that loves his baths! 🙂

67 – Bucket List Journal

Couples Bucket List

Create your bucket list together and track your progress!

68 – Personalized M&Ms

Put some sweet sayings on some sweet treats!

69 – Portable Grill

The Deep Frying Portable Grill

I love this portable grill!  So many neat features – a tailgaters dream.

70 – R2D2 Trash Can

Star Wars Trash Can

This would be perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast.  Great for his home office!

71 – You’re Old Mug

Funny Mug for men

Another funny mug!

72 – Instant Excuse

Instant Excuse Ball

73 – Luggage Tag

Funny Luggage Tag

I laugh at this luggage tag.

74 – iPad Caddy

iPad Caddy

Um, yup.  An awesome gift for his bathroom! 🙂

75 – Vintage Collection S’Mores Maker

Vintage Collection S'Mores Maker

76 – Floating Beer Cooler

He never has to leave the pool to get a drink!

77 – Retro Nintendo Lunchbox

Memories at it’s best!

78 – Sarcasm Ball

We’re a sarcastic couple so this is perfect!

79 – Stone Drink Dispenser


Customized stone bottle dispenser

Ok, so I know I say this a lot but this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  Imagine giving him this with his favorite bottle of liquor.  I saw these at a local arts festival – he customizes the handle!  They are so interesting and unique.  The gentleman that makes these is named Dan.  He told me he doesn’t have a website but takes phone calls for custom creations.  I have found something similar HERE from Uncommon Goods but I like the fact that the nozzle can be customized by Dan.  It’s probably possible to buy this version & take the nozzle to get customized somewhere else. I’ll update this post with his contact info when available (UPDATE:  I still have not been able to contact the maker.  Please do not contact me trying to obtain this information, as I will update this post when it’s available).

80 – Wine & Glass Holder Stake

Lawn stakes for wine

Love this for picnics or outdoor parties.  Ground stake for wine bottle and glasses.

81 – Candy from his decade

Candy gift bag with candy from his decade

A blast from his past – give him a candy basket filled with all the goodies from his childhood decade.  Many different years are available.

82 – Personalized Liquor Decanter

Personalized Ceramic Liquor Decanter

Personalized Ceramic Liquor Decanter

83 – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Try Gift Box

weirdThis is a neat collection of items that you’ve probably seen before and always wanted to try – bacon flavored tooth paste anyone???  Cool little gag gift if items that would be interesting to try at least once!

84 – Awesome Pint Glass

pint glass

 A great pint glass that explains exactly how I feel about him! 🙂

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