Matrimony Monday – Why An Engagement Session with your Wedding Photographer is Important

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pittsburgh wedding photographers Pics By Chicks Photography discuss why an engagement session with your wedding photographer is important

This has been a hot topic for me lately.  I have had a few couples this year who used another photographer for their engagement session, and it’s often a friend of theirs who is into photography or they have a family member who is a photographer.  That’s great, but having your engagement photos done with your wedding photographer is extremely important.  Here’s why.

Reason 1 – You get to know me!

Well, I like to think I’m a barrel of fun … but … the engagement session really gives you a chance to get to know me.  I’m pretty sure my passion and excitement comes through while I’m photographing you, and you get to know more about me.  I always feel like I become very connected to my clients who opt for an engagement session.  And, when you work with someone you really know on your wedding day, it only makes things easier for everyone.  I will be spending the most time with you from all your vendors on your wedding day so it’s important you know me.  There’s so much more I share with you after our initial meeting.

Reason 2 – I get to know you!

I love getting to know my clients – your story, your life, shared with me.  Again, this goes back to feeling like we really know each other and we are excited to work together on your wedding day.  I want to know what makes you tick – what you like and don’t like – and all this information I can gather at your engagement session.  Plus, I get to see how you interact with each other.  The last thing I want to do is have you do something that’s completely unnatural for you as a couple.  During the engagement session, I figure all that out, and we can have a little fun with each other!

Reason 3 – You understand how I photograph!

Every photographer is different.  Everyone has their own style and the way they give direction to their clients.  It’s important to understand how I photograph and what my approach is to certain situations.  I hear a lot from my couples that the groom doesn’t like photos but it never fails that after the engagement session, they aren’t so worried about wedding photos.   Your photographer should put you at ease and make you excited for your wedding photographs!

Reason 4 – Your wedding photos will be much easier!

When I yell “fake kiss” to you during your bridal portraits,  you know exactly what I mean!  Funny but true.  I’ve already explained this to you at the engagement session so you know what I’m looking for from you.  This means I don’t have to take a few minutes to explain it to you the day of your wedding.  Everything happens quickly on the day of the wedding and not having to take the time to explain some things will make everything flow smoothly.

Your engagement session allows us to take the time to get to know each other and it helps me know what will work and won’t work for your wedding photos.  There are some poses that clients just don’t like and I get to figure all that out beforehand.  Our time for portraits during the wedding is so very limited so we spend more time at the engagement session to get in a groove that we fall right into at the wedding!  🙂


These are just 4 reasons that I updated my wedding package to include a complimentary engagement session with your wedding booking.  It’s important for you to get to know me, me to get to know you, you to understand my style – all of which creates an amazing wedding day photo experience!

The choice for engagement photos is still yours but my advice to you is to seriously consider using your wedding photographer for your engagement session!

Thoughts?  Agree/Disagree?  Leave your comments below.

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