Mrs. H’s Boudoir

This shoot was something so amazing and I’m THRILLED to be able to share her photos with you!

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Mrs. H’s session was something so super special to me.  Sometimes client’s come to me at the exact time I need them and it’s a win win for everyone.  Some of her photos are now on the walls of the studio and I couldn’t be prouder.  Her curves are OH SO FREAKING FABULOUS!!!!  I love that women of all sizes trust me throughout this process.  I truly believe that boudoir is for every woman and she proves it.  Here’s what she had to say about her photo shoot:

1) Why did you decide to invest in a boudoir photo shoot?  Recently lost weight and needed help to not keep seeing the old me when I looked in the mirror. Of course my husband will get to see these photos, but this shoot was ultimately for me, myself, and I!

plus size boudoir photography pittsburgh

2) How did you feel about yourself before your photo shoot?  I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t over critical on myself and didn’t have body image issues, so honestly ‘just okay’.

plus size boudoir photography pittsburgh

3) How did you feel about yourself after your photo shoot?  “Like a million bucks!” Post shoot, I felt that I could walk outside your studio completely naked and own it (I would never, but that’s how great I felt)! For the first time in a long time I was comfortable in my own skin.

boudoir photographer for plus size boudoir photos in pittsburgh, pics by chicks photography

4) Describe your session in 3 words?  Entertaining Incredible Empowering

5) What was your favorite part of the boudoir photo shoot?  I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but hands down Maura – you are one-of-a-kind! I loved your energy and how real you were, it made me feel so comfortable!

boudoir photographer for plus size boudoir photos in pittsburgh, pics by chicks photography

6) What would you say to other women who are considering a boudoir photo shoot?  Throw all of your insecurities and doubts to the curb and just do it, you will NOT regret it!

plus size boudoir photos pittsburgh

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