Self Love Club by The Self Love Chick

We’ve ALL been there! You can hear the inner dialogue… “I’m not good enough”, “I look fat”, “I hate my body”, “everyone is judging ME”.

These are the words that we feed our soul daily! They are our inner untruths. They are toxic, and they dull our shine! It’s time to let YOU shine through.

It’s time to flip the switch on that naggy bitch!

It’s time to love ourselves!

It’s time to join our movement and become a part of “The Self Love Chick”.

We are a community of women building each other up to our best selves!

By joining our club you receive:

• Access to our private FB group
• Access access to all our self-love programs (Two currently in the works for 2018)
• Fun monthly challenges & tasks to help you grow your self worth and self confidence
• Membership to our Book Club
• Meet & greets and group hangouts
• Special events
• Speakers & special guests
• Body image workshops
• Early access to Women’s Day events

Click below to enroll! Let’s shine together!

Annual fee of $300 or monthly installments of $27.

**You will be grandfathered into this annual rate until you decide to leave the club**

A Note from Maura Chick:

As a woman who has hated herself for the better of 30 years, I fought hard to say that I LOVE ME!  It’s a daily battle and practice that takes a huge amount of effort and work.  You don’t wave your wand and magically change from hating yourself to loving yourself.  I’m passionate about changing the lives of women and inspiring them every day to stand up and shout, “I LOVE MYSELF!”  In my profession as a boudoir photographer, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who are struggling with loving and accepting themselves as they are, and I’ve made it my mission to take my business further to help them release all the things that are holding them back.  I’m studying to become a self-love life coach (a year long program) and will be a certified body positive instructor by the end of the year.  I’ve lived this life, I’ve changed myself, and while I proclaim love for myself, I still have bad days.  But, the love I feel for myself is more than the inner critic that lives within my mind.  My voice of love will be louder than the voice of fear, and I want that for ever single woman!  We’re in this journey together, we need more love and less competition.  We’re better together!  I hope you’ll join me – I want you to live a life of freedom with complete and total love for yourself.