Boudoir – I’m ready!!

I [Maura] am now fully booking boudoir photo shoots.  This is an exciting venture for me and I’m extremely enthusiastic to bring this type of photography to our clients.  I love the response I get from boudoir – I want women to feel and look good.  I also love the reaction I get from the boyfriends/fiances/husbands – imagine the look on their face when they see a beautiful album of drop dead gorgeous photos of their significant other!! 🙂 And, I feel accomplished when I get the positive feedback.  I’m enjoying this so much and I want to share some quick shots from a recent boudoir.  Of course, all photos are used at the permission of my clients.

For more information on boudoir, please visit the boudoir section of Our Services and also check out the Boudoir FAQs!

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

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