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Boudoir photo shoot planning tips here from Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Maura Chick of Pics By Chicks Photography.  This is a great collection of websites – where to shop for your boudoir photo shoot.  The links below will provide you with details on my boudoir photo shoot experience:

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I’m kicking off a new blogging series for 2015.  This series is to provide information to those considering boudoir photography, not just those who are scheduling a session with me.  This is the first blog post in my new series! 🙂

Online Resources to shop for your boudoir photo shoot - - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer - Where to Shop for your boudoir photo shoot

I am often asked by my clients for opinions on where to shop, so I’ve compiled a list of online resources for you to consider when shopping for your boudoir session.  (A blog post will be coming soon for Pittsburgh based stores for in-person shopping)

You won’t see Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood on this list.  Everyone knows those.  I want to draw your attention to some other sites that you may or may not know.  Take some time to check them out and think about the outfits you’d like to wear for your session.  ALWAYS find something you love, and think about an outfit your significant other would love …. WOW them with an outfit that may be something they love but might be out of your comfort zone.  But, don’t worry – when you have the right photographer, they will make you feel comfortable in any outfit.

Here are some of my top picks.

Hips and Curves

This is an amazing site for a woman with curves.  They have amazing pieces that will look great on any body.  Lots of ideas and lots of options.  The corsets can get a little expensive but most of their pieces are priced about the same as Victoria’s Secret.  Even if they don’t carry your size, certainly check out this site for clothing ideas for your session.


If you don’t know Zulily, it was primarily built as a site for moms offering discounts on different items each day.  Frequently they have a selection of lingerie or intimate items that are relatively inexpensive.  This site also has some great modest pieces – like sweaters, sheer tops, lace tops or robes – that could be used during your session.  My one piece of advice if ordering from Zulily – look daily and order early!  Sometimes it takes 3-4 weeks to receive your items.

Her Room

A great resource for ladies of all sizes.  Their selection is huge!  Bra and panty sets, robes, lingerie items – they have it all.  Even garters and stockings.  I have personally used this site numerous times, and even purchased my bridal lingerie from them.


Lot of options on this site too and things are reasonably priced with amazing sale prices.  Don’t be turned off by the photos of the outfits – some of them can be a little over the top – but the they offer a wide variety of items.  Some are pretty interesting.  And, they always seem to have some cool themed outfit.  I’ve purchased some Christmas and Valentine’s specific items from this site.  One side note – I have sometimes found the same items on Yandy that I do on Zulily so it’s important to shop around!


A lot of ladies these days want a vintage theme to their boudoir session, and ModCloth is just the place for them.  They don’t have the biggest selection of pieces  but I love the vintage look of the items they do offer.  I have found a couple amazing corsets here, as well as some cool garter belts and skirts.  Definitely check this site out – you won’t get overwhelmed like you can at other sites!

Bella Bella Boutique

I love what I see on this site.  So many beautiful items and there is a vintage feel to a lot of the items.  Be warned that some of the items are expensive – this is a site I would certainly use for a fantasy session.

Adore Me

Another site that has a wide selection of outfits and sizes.  A lot of their pieces go up to size 6X.  My one recommendation – make sure to check the size chart and compare them against your measurements!

Morgan Lane

Lots to love about this websites.  I particularly love their bodysuits – lots of really cute options.


Wow, wow, wow!  So many options!  The pretty items on this website are amazing but watch out – most are expensive.  Even if you can’t afford some of the items here, you an find good ideas to do your shopping at other sites.

Free People

Oh, just a lovely place for some soft and romantic items!  Their pieces are so very unique and they are items I would buy for my own lingerie collection.


A great site for some bra and panty sets!  I love the little details in some of their items – particularly those with lace!

And don’t forget your department stores – Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc – seem to have great selections of different kids of items.

That’s my short list of online resources for your boudoir outfits.  There are many more great places.  Do you have any favorites?  If so, share them in the comments below.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Pics By Chicks Photography, is committed to providing you with the resources to plan an amazing boudoir session.  Details on our boudoir package can be found here.

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